Get available domain names based on your business idea

Had a couple extra hours on my hand so I put this together to actually solve my own problem. It is powered by GPT-4

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The generate button doesn’t do anything. :frowning_face:

May you show me the specific problem?

Dunno, just doesnt seem to work for me

sorry i thought the extension placeholders where default values

I just added .com as the default value and added an alert if a field is empty. Thank you for checking it out btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool.
Perhaps a slogan as well?

Are your apps kept as separate API services? Or have you bundled everything into the web app?

Updated. I was going to make an API/ plugin but I wanted to add more platforms to check for availability.

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I just added a plugin for ChatGPT. Hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile: