Out of Memory bug crashing the browser

I’ve been getting this bug nonstop today in Edge with GPT4 and GPT4o
Roughly every 2 - 5 chats.
Screenshot 2024-05-30 185833


Same here. JavaScript feels much slower, and the scrolling isn’t smooth anymore.

I recorded the performance in Chrome, and here is about one minute of chat between GPT-4o and me:

We can see there’s definitely a JS memory leak. The two gaps are when I was typing, and when GPT-4o was producing words, the memory usage kept climbing.

Even clicking ‘New chat’ or pressing F5 doesn’t resolve this leak, but Ctrl+F5 can bring the memory usage down. Until OpenAI fixes the problem, I should periodically press Ctrl+F5 to ensure I don’t hit the memory limit.

Asking GPT-4o to rewrite a long piece of code can definitely reproduce the issue.

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