Other forums/discussion groups

This forum is very interesting and populated by really helpful users, however I don’t always manage to find what I’m looking for. Do you know of any other forums like this?

There may be other places, but this place is still better than many places. Even though there aren’t many relevant topics, Most of the content discussed is about the use of the model. with higher usage But many things can be applied. And many stories are very different. People using different models cannot answer similar problems.

You may have to wait or search on other toppics where other people may have mentioned them, or you may have more knowledge and understanding. You will find that the content you didn’t want turned out to be what you were looking for.

If you need something you can always create a new topic with your question.
The big advantage is that you should get an answer to exactly your question.
Otherwise you can also take a look at the OpenAI discord server.

And there is also a reddit: