Ot: reliable and cheap web hosting that supports native Python scripts?

Sorry this is ot. Per subject. How do you folks run your Python scripts or application developed with Python and run it over your website? VPS with some hosting company?

Yeah, you’ll need to host the back-end stuff for the API.

Are you familiar with setting up websites at all?

I have zero experience with it myself and no connection to the company, but I’ve seen lots of people build very cool projects on top of Streamlit.

You might want to start there?


It seems they support open source python apps etc. But if if I don’t want my stuff to be free?

How does API come into this? I was not talking GPT.

Something more like “wwwDOTmywebsiteDOTcom/mypython.py”
you know, the web server at the most of the web hosting companies would renders the python source code right there, that is, they do not support Python.

Those that does, their web server would be configured to re-route the request to the python interpreter…

I’m not sure what you mean.

Unless I’m very mistaken it’s possible to deploy apps built on Streamlit in any number of production environments.

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Ok, I might be wrong, I took a quick peek, may have missed it, thanks, will check it out again tomorrow.

Take a look at Google App Engine. I have my web apps running there for few cents a month.

If you are talking about hosting your python scripts somewhere (PaaS) here are few services you can try:

Heroku - bit complicated to setup and get going
Pythonanywhere - cheap and easy
Railwayapp - supports direct git integration and let’s you deploy containers.

My favourite is railwayapp.

All these options offer a lot of freedom compared to streamlit

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hello, your web apps written in python?
p.s. the forum system seems a bit weird, too intrusive, not allowed posting/replying for no reason.

informative, I’ll check out the last two, currently I’m using AWS, several years ago they charge by usage but now by date and time.

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