I could be totally wrong on a new idea

It seems currently we have 2 options of building “Action” program or “Plugin” program as an API endpoint to be hosted at a remote website.

If the above understanding is correct, it limits developers and other interested parties to those who have either their own domain or have full access to some domain and the hosting company is able to support the programming language at hand, say, Python, but many web hosting companies do not support Python by default. Thus, it’s a serious constraint.

Now, what if, OpenAI supports “Modular”-based program (software), and OpenAI can start with a few programming languages first such as Python and Go. How they may work? Such “module” would work like an extension to ChatGPT or ChatGPT UI, thus, it would also be able to leverage GPT’s capabilities if it so chooses. For authentication, open (no auth), api-key (auth) would do for a starter. The developer and other party with paid account with OpenAI simply uploads such a “Module” and auth.config file to OpenAI. Then, OpenAI would ask for publishing choices etc. And “Module” would be searchable via ChatGPT or ChatGPT UI if it’s published.

I believe this method is much simpler than OpenAPI approach for both “Action” and “Plugin”.

Your thoughts?

What’s behind the API endpoint can be anything. You can use PHP if you want.

As for limitation you mention, there are many third party services that provide such endpoints you can use for your custom gpts or projects using openai api. Check this post from previous day.

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He’s right. My entire OpenAI API infrastructure is built entirely in PHP.

The API is, and should always be, language agnostic.

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Both of you missed a key point. Python is the default programming language for Machine learning / Deep learning etc. Most web hosting companies do not support python out of box.

Well, if your “key point” is to solve the problem of “Most web hosting companies do not support python out of box”, your use case is too trivial.

It costs you only $7 a month to have a full-blown service provider (Python, Go, Node.js, etc.)

The mission of OpenAI is AGI, and everything else is really just a side-show. If you want to distract them to save you 7 bucks, it would be a sin. It would be much easier for you to cut just one trip to Starbucks a month to achieve the same result.