OT: OpenAI - Please improve your communication about technical issues

(Apologies for this not being directly about the API, but on a meta level it is …)

Many of us had frustrating outages with ChatGPT-4 not completing over the last days (seems fixed for now, thanks). Many of us are having issues with being double charged. …

Neither the forum nor the discord nor the help pages nor the chat nor the error messages were able to inform users / customers what was going on. That’s frustrating. I lost more time trying to figure out what’s going on, than what I lost from not being able to do the work. But multiply the lost time by the affected users, and you get a large number of hours.

We get it. You’re being loved to death. Scaling to this size is hard. Doing it as fast as you are is even harder. Overall, you are doing a great job.

But the secret sauce is missing. The pixie dust, that distinguishes an organization that is able to build and sustain loyalty from yet-another-tech-giant. It’s simple. It’s called communication.

We all know things can go wrong in unexpected ways. Our own stuff breaks all the time :frowning: . But when I have a problem, I need to be able to find out if it affects only me, or others too. Whether someone is aware of the issue. Whether someone is working on it. By when the organization is expecting to have it fixed.

A simple solution would be a category right on this board that is being monitored by OpenAI and where information is being posted. Not corporate announcements, but tech level, up-to-date information. Volatile is fine. To be revised is fine. But if we work with you on mission critical applications, you need to let us see your pulse.

Minimally, a section for “current issues” needs to be added to the help pages. Or a channel to the discord. But whatever you do: communicate.

Good luck!

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Agreed, we are working on this and will get better. People forget OpenAI is a small company, but working hard to help folks as fast as we can!

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That’s great. Looking forward to see it resolved.