URGENT: Improving OpenAI's Communication with Users

Building Trust and Creating a Positive Experience for Everyone Involved

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Both paying customers and others should have fair expectations

It’s frustrating to see the lack of communication from OpenAI with their users, both on a personal and community level. It seems like there’s no way to get in touch with them, whether it’s through emails, the forum, or their Discord server. As a paying customer, it’s difficult to understand why OpenAI is not making more of an effort to address our concerns.

While we understand that OpenAI is likely receiving a high volume of requests and inquiries, it’s unacceptable that there’s no system in place to provide timely support to users. This lack of communication leaves users feeling ignored, frustrated, and helpless when trying to resolve issues.

It’s disheartening to see paying customers cancel their subscriptions due to the lack of support and communication from OpenAI. It’s clear that OpenAI needs to take steps to address this issue, whether it’s hiring more support staff or improving their communication strategy.

Put back the Open in OpenAI

I think I can talk for myself and many others when I say that we hope OpenAI takes our frustrations and concerns seriously and works towards improving their communication with their users. By doing so, they can build trust and create a more positive experience for everyone involved. They might have trade secrets that they must keep closer to their chest but for the rest they are named OpenAI for a reason they should be more open about everything that is not a trade secret (secret sauce) for anything else they should be fair and open about their processes and put more efforts in their communications skills.