Option to open ChatGPT iOS app in voice mode

Hi all,

I checked the forums and couldn’t find a topic for this, so I thought I’d request the ability to have an option in the app to open it in voice mode by default. I often like to ask ChatGPT questions in voice mode, and I think it would be nice to open it directly in that mode. Perhaps a menu option to enable this could suffice for users who want it.


You can use the iOS Shortcuts app to do this.

Open the Shortcuts app, create new shortcut, select the pre-generated option of “Start a voice conversation” from the ChatGPT app suggestion. Save the shortcut. Bam, you’re done.

You can rename the shortcut to “GPT”, and then you can say “Siri, GPT” and it will run the shortcut which automatically starts a voice conversation.

Or if you don’t like Siri, you can just take this shortcut that you’ve created and add it as an icon on your Home Screen.

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Thank you that worked! I didn’t realise there was such an option in Shortcuts, thanks :pray: