Chatbot answer from selected text(No voices involved)

Is there a way to quickly query ChatGPT directly from selected text on Apple devices without needing to manually copy the text, open a browser, and paste the query. Can this be achieved using Apple’s Shortcuts app and a combination of custom shortcuts?

When I say selected text this could be sentences on a .pdf,.docx,… or a simple message.

f.e While studying law I come across a Question, I select the question and next to the basic option (Copy, Look up on web, Cut, Select all, Paste, AutoFill, Format, Find selection,…) There is a option “GPT“ (just a name).
When choosing the option, theres a pop up (same as when looking up definitions in dictionary) that gives the output(answer to selected text or question) chatgpt would give you.

GPT itself seems to give an unclear and sloppy instruction that I cant seem to translate into something useful.