Need to improve playground

Need to improve playground.
Need to make it user friendly.

  1. On enter message should be sent to assistant in playgroynd.(not working now)
  2. Should be tree or list view for assistants and ability to switch bettween them, search should be present also.
  3. Integrate with chat gpt, allow to use playground from chat gpt.
  4. Allow multi agent chat, when all agents present in chat and we can send message to all agents in one time or tag specific agent and send message to him.
    After agent 1 answer message, agent 2 can proceed with same context of chat.

I think you’re misunderstanding the purpose of the playground.

It’s a minimalist GUI-layer on top of the API to help developers learn, explore, and play with the models. It is not a consumer product meant for regular use.

The nice thing about the API is that you can build everything you want yourself (except for the ChatGPT integration, though I’m not sure why you’d want that).


If they improve the Playground too much, there would be less need for developers to create cool solutions on the back of the API!

That said, it’s nice that OpenAI maintains it …

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Agree with you, but I want flexible consumer product.
That with small amount of time we can have working application with AI.
Yes, maybe not necessary to much features, just need to have something like Replit built in Playground or Chat GPT.
Why I want models to be present in Chat GPT, because they give more functionality.

For example gpt-3.5-turbo-1106, I’m not able to use it inside chatGPT but able to use it in Playground.

My point that we aggregate all Open AI feature in one place plus coding sandboxes, in this case we still need developers which will develop solutions in Open AI ecosystem.

Agree with you, better to proceed woth code sandboxes for playground, something similar to Custom GPT’s.