OpenAI partners with Stack Overflow

I’m positively surprised to say the least.

Stack Overflow and OpenAI today announced a new API partnership that will empower developers with the collective strengths of the world’s leading knowledge platform for highly technical content with the world’s most popular LLM models for AI development.

OpenAI announcement:

Stack Overflow announcement:


This is very unexpected.


I suppose it doesn’t change the fact that Stack Overflow doesn’t want AI generated attempts at solutions on their site.
And it does open the door to properly attributing content creators in the coding space.
Not sure if this will affect future model training, and if yes, how.

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I think you’re right!

I believe this is more about training data than anything else, and I’m happy to see it!


It’s kind of reassuring that (high) quality data is still curated by humans and that this data can be used to train better models.

Because at the end of the day I am really looking forward to a ‘next generation’ language model release. In the meantime I am respectfully nodding to surprises like this one.

What’s next? Bloomberg partnering with OpenAI to get all the market data right into ChatGPT? A search engine?

Nothing of this matters just as much to me…


So, people over on stack overflow have decided to fight against this:

… Since the announcement, some users have attempted to alter or delete their Stack Overflow posts in protest, arguing that the move steals the labor of those who contributed to the platform without a way to opt out. In retaliation, Stack Overflow staff have reportedly been banning those users while erasing or reverting the protest posts.

Get your popcorn out guys, it looks like this is going to be entertaining :rofl:


Thanks for sharing additional background information.
Feeling kind of sorry for the users who experience this as disenfranchisement, no matter what the terms of service over at SO say.
I know that some SO users have been working hard to improve both the content on the platform and their own careers which would make it a loss if they decided to stop their efforts.
After all, Stack Overflow is still a very valuable resource until today.

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