OpenAI Doesn't Need StackOverflow or Reddit

I was fascinated by this video:

This was my response:

“We already have a model for this situation: The Streaming Wars. Paramount, NBC, Disney et al thought they could make gazillions of dollars by removing their content from Netflix and building their own streaming services. The results? Netflix is still profitable (barely), while all the others (except, I think Amazon Prime and Max) are losing money. I don’t know about Reddit – never used it. But, I used StackOverflow, specifically Drupal Answers, for years – until ChatGPT. If I were OpenAI, I would start a version of StackOverflow tomorrow. This version would use GPT-4 as the first line of question answering – and then resort to human interaction if it is the only way for the question to be answered. Incentivize users to mark their solutions to provide the best information possible. OpenAI would then own the conversation and answer, which they could then use to further train their own models. Can you see how quickly they would obtain a far superior dataset in this area? StackOverflow wants to close off it’s API? Fine. Like those dinosaurs roaming the earth just before the meteor struck, they are done anyway – they just don’t know it yet.”

In fact, OpenAI doesn’t even need to start a StackOverflow type of forum. They could use the current codex model, which is churning out answers 24/7 every day. Incentivize users to guide the models to solutions, verify those solutions and use them for future training.

I recently struggled with trying to find information on how to use a Drupal module called “Advanced Queue”. Absolutely zero documentation I could find anywhere with Google. And, GPT-4 couldn’t find anything useful either. So, by pointing GPT-4 to the source code for the module and what snippets of code and documentation I could find, I was able to piece together enough of a solution to at least be able to work with the module:

As you can see, still unanswered questions. But, once a human gets around to answering that final question, I would give GPT-4 the solution, and now it’s smarter than any other available resource on the subject.


That is an interesting take thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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