OpenAI <> ask me to verify my email, is true or fake? thx

hi, out of the blue i got an email claim from above sender,
ask me to verify my email (i use this email /w chatgpt plus).

it asked me to click a link:

^—i removed several characters to protect my privacy and prevent others really click on it.

is this true or somehow some hackers hacked into openai or forum?


looks like true,

last time when i changed billing setting,
same sender and similar link from is sent to me.


Looks like it’s an email chimp link service…

What is Mandrillapp used for?

Mandrill is a transactional email API for Mailchimp users. Millions of businesses around the world use Mailchimp. Built on the same powerful infrastructure as Mailchimp, Mandrill delivers transactional emails in seconds: billions of emails delivered each month.

Definitely good to be cautious, though - ie checking mail headers to make sure it’s really coming from domain…

Using an email spam service to track links so at the minimum clicked email addresses can be recorded, and an unsolicited “verify” message? Not likely.

it’s always smart to be cautious with emails from out of the blue. Personally though, I don’t think this one is fake.

I actually get messages like that pretty often from the forum, It’s fairly routine maintenance stuff. The sender address looks legit to me too.

That said, hackers and scammers are getting sneakier every day, It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. I always try to double check links and sender addresses just in case before clicking or entering any info.

And kudos for protecting your privacy by removing personal details, very smart move. It’s great that the community here watches out for each other when it comes to potential security issues. pls, Feel free to share if you notice anything else suspicious. But my guess is this email is probably just standard admin work. Either way, staying alert never hurts.

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Never seen this before, and I’m on the forum every day.

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I have received two emails from the same sender, one on July 8th and the second on the 12th of this month. I don’t see any issues with them, and I am sure that they are legitimate.

The last account management related mail from OpenAI that I received had been sent from via

This is one indicator that the mail is not spam.
The second indicator is: do you expect a mail from this sender about this topic?

I’m curious to know how this turned out as this is now happening to me. Any consequences to you licking the verify button?

So wondering why people saying this address is legit in comments So first off I never heard of open ai nevermind tried make an account. And only because today I noticed that 4gmail addresses I use have got the email and from same address posted here is why am here as is basically I ask Google search. But why people saying it legit I didn’t make one account nevermind 4 is someone using my Gmail addresses to do so? I cant understand how all 4where known especially the one I use for that has never got spam/promotions/socials it’s completely clean from the shite

Definitely something phishy going on here. If you receive one of these e-mails and you are expecting it (ie. just made an account) then fine.

But I have twice received a verification e-mail to accounts that I do not use with which strikes me as odd and very suspicious.

If you are concerned about an email and are unsure, please use the site and use the support bot in the bottom right corner to report it .

Log in with your email directly at, and click “forgot password”. See if you get a password reset email. That would show if someone has used your email address, allowing you unstoppable fun and profit and password reset for permanent lockout of the abuser.