Is an official openai email domain?

Just got an email from someone claiming to be from OpenAI about a project called “OpenAI Trainers Lion Project.” They want me to help come up with questions that cannot be answered by ChatGPT. Sounds cool, but the email came from a weird address: (and not Not exactly screaming official OpenAI vibes.

Is anyone else involved or know anything about the “OpenAI Trainers Lion Project”?

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Can you please DM me a screenshot of the email, thanks.


Yes, a screenshot would be nice.

The WHOIS of the domain shows Squarespace as the host, so likely NOT OpenAI…

There’s a reddit thread too saying pretty much the same.

A screenshot would be helpful, tho.

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I think all of them are bogus [Whois Lookup & Whois History]

the gandi ones could be defensive self-squats, but if true will likely never be used.

google domains was bought by squarespace last year, so that’s why it says google here


I uploaded the email I received. The name of individuals are redacted by me because I don’t want to display other people names without their consent.

Can you tell me if this project is something legit? Unfortunately, I don’t have any internal contact in OpenAI to ask

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OpenAI staff do not monitor this site so don’t expect to see an official answer in a reply in this topic.

However the non-OpenAI moderators have noted that the records for registration of the site are not something they see as valid.

In short I would not trust this, nor would I respond to it for now. It could be valid but we have not been advised that it is valid.

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