OpenAI like to mock other religion but only love muslims

You can ask for joke on all religion except muslims as OpenAI finds as not appropriate to make jokes that might offend someone’s religious beliefs or practices but can make fun of jesus, vishnu and gautam buddha.

Hypocrites OpenAI or boot licker OpenAI?

It does come across as “wary” when asked certain things. I asked it if “The Bible”- Not christians, not any religion, just “does the bible” say people go to heaven when they die. It most certainly can cross reference all the bible and give a comprehensive answer, regardless of whether anyone likes the answer or not. It should (and I’m certain- could have) have been able to deduce based on the words of all the text whether overall it implies or leans overall one direction yes or no. Instead it dodged the question giving a vague non-answer, answer. If a person responded the way it did, I would have known for a certainty, it was afraid of offending me. Thats not super useful when seeking accurate information. Again, I didnt ask it what any religious group thought- I asked for a best answer of the text. An answer it could have given, but due to not wanting to possibly offend me (I could have cared less what answer it gave) withheld the data I requested. Not helpful.