OpenAI for CLI completion?

Is there such a thing online?

Would be nice to not have to memorize all the CLI stuff, especially for complex CLI such as kubectlor gcloud.

I start typing gcloud run --deploy terminator -- tab would propose, say, the region arg or --max-instances IDK

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I’ve been using CoPilot and CodeX for doing something similar. I’m using them to create command line “cheatsheets” for the stuff I use from time-to-time. My guess is that it wouldn’t be too difficult to create a natural language CLI that would convert words into a CLI command. I really like your thinking here!

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My idea was more about CLI completion rather than NLP CLI.

Just like we have tab completion currently on some CLI but more advanced, would guess the next part. When I started learning Kubernetes, I had to print a CLI cheat sheet because of its complexity… Humans are not good at memorization.

NLP CLI is dangerous IMHO, what if you say “un-deploy my backend-X12” and it misunderstands and does something like changing a backend version (which can lead, in my experience of days of downtime :D)

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Good point for sure. You’d want to have some kind of validation step before submitting a command that was generated by NLP.