ClI-Genie: OpenAI's GPT API and Copilot to empower users to write CLI commands in their native language, directly within the terminal shell

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CLI Genie

CLI Genie is a tool that helps users write CLI commands using their native language with the addition of Copilot in the terminal shell through OpenAI’s GPT API.

To put it simply, CLI Genie helps users who are not comfortable with writing commands in English to do so using their preferred language. By utilizing OpenAI’s GPT API, CLI Genie can provide accurate and relevant commands based on the user’s request.

CLI Genie is especially useful for IT engineers or software engineers who primarily use terminal shells in Linux or Mac environments. With the addition of Copilot, users can expect even more streamlined and efficient command writing processes.

The Key Features

  1. Native Language Input Support
  • CLI Genie understands and processes user input in their native language.
  1. OS and Version-Awareness
  • CLI Genie suggests appropriate CLI commands or recommendations based on the user’s operating system and version.
  1. Automatic Copying of GPT’s Response
  • Users can easily paste the generated content in response to their queries using CLI Genie.
  1. Used OpenAI API’s Server-Sent Events (SSE) for response handling.
  • CLI Genie can receive updates as they happen, allowing for a more interactive and responsive experience.
  1. General Question-Answering with GPT
  • Users can ask general questions to CLI Genie using CLI commands ‘cgg’ (same as ‘cg -g’) just like ChatGPT.