OpenAI & Ensuring that AI technology isn't paywalled from the less fortunate

I ask that if this has already been discussed or if I seem kind of obtuse on at least any initial posts I may write. First of all, I understand the importance of paying the employees that work hard to develop this new technology and of course to cover R&D costs. Therefore, I can’t blame OpenAI for the decision to be less “open” and to charge for its products and services. I realize how being completely open can fall into the hands of “bad actors” or competitors who may have a rather cavalier attitude with the tech and putting profit before safety. Anyway to finally get to what I wanted to discuss or query was, what kind of action is OpenAI taking to prevent the monopolization of the tech becoming controlled by major corporations and the extremely rich and powerful? It’s not them having access and taking advantage of it per se, it’s the exclusivity of the tech that seems to me (at least in the short term to be more of a threat that sensational “Skynet”-like threats. Also, I was curious if OpenAI does not have any plans to have those who can prove a need for said tech to be available directly, that perhaps it could recommend some specific API’s that are available? Finally if hypothetically one could run their own specialized, independent and self-contained (except for access to the internet AI, would it be virtually worthless because of a massive amount of computational power would be necessary or room for a massive database that would not make this feasible? I’m curious about how it could help in general and perhaps help those with disabilities start their own businesses.


The price isnt too high, although I still have to budget in my tokens so I don’t over do it. Ultimately I could have my own personal AI for the price of three decent GPUs and an 8 core processing capable computer. That is as capable or more than GPT, of course that doesn’t include training time, but that is one of my goals. Also I would like to design a more efficient process of of connections (that fits personal use) on the pc that takes advantage of the the nueral network concept. And allow optional dedicated server functions too. But that is a ways away. I am on a disability budget.