I am sorry, but why am I paying for just developing an assistant?

Maybe I am missing something, but I have already burnt some money for just working with API on localhost… WHY?

May I have sort of sandbox mode, you can burn my bot every 10 minutes I do not care, what I care, is that I need to develop things properly, test them and then RELEASE AND PAY.

Unfortunately the OpenAI API has no “local” mode it is always a remote API call to a central server, that servers compute time costs money which must be paid for.

I understand that, but what I also understand that you are not the only company developing the API with high computing requirements, but they somehow solve this issue and do have sandbox/local mode, why you don’t? It is not new is what I am saying.

Actually, THIS IS the only company with high computing requirements.

When you have a service that lacks users then you need to attract users to that service, typically this is done via introductory offers, new users bonuses and free trails. OpenAI has the opposite problem, the Plus membership program is currently paused to new users while additional capacity is added.

I do not mean this to be arrogant or dismissive of your points, I do understand them. But currently OpenAI is the most sought after AI product supplier, and has over the past 12 months been subject to a great deal of unauthorised abuse of free trail offers by programmatic attack and exploitation, the solution to that issue is to remove such offers.

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Got it thanks, I think you might have needed a security engineer at that point when you turned away from free trials. It is quite hard to adopt your product paying for curl test test. I think it might become a great competitive disadvantage in the future competitors run.

Would this help?

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There’s this new thing going around…

it’s called “Cost of Production”.