OPENAI can’t provide a secure connection and uses an unsupported protocol

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


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Unsupported protocol

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

What happened? Suddenly I cannot access my account and openai at all.

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i have too problem with that. but open ai api, can access

Device’s time and date set correctly?

Old OS like Windows 7 or Android not getting root certificate updates any more?

Chrome browser that is out of date?

Some firewall or ad blocker proxy trying to intercept communications?

The lack of any details makes it hard to suggest a path to pursue.

Cloudflare is serving up a certificate chain for ChatGPT that has RSA2048 and SHA-1 with RSA Encryption v3; Elliptic Curve 256; and ECDSA with SHA-256, with earliest expiry 23 Oct 2024.


got the same problem, using windows 11, all time and date work correctly, not using vpn or anything
just suddenly can’t access it

i didn’t do anything, but now i can already access it again

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I went as far as infesting a Windows 11 box with Google Chrome download, and am chatting away.

Cloudflare has many point-of-presence gateways, possibly with several OpenAI datacenters behind their firewall, so replication of this issue may be hard. Hopefully just a passing occurence affecting very few.

A different browser might give you a different view of the internet issue.

It’s fixed. But I got another problem:

Unable to load conversation 7c8170b0-8be4-4c5a-9794-ad950a3cbcfc
Unable to load conversation 857e9148-2dd3-4310-a2f2-d4a0affbb482
Unable to load conversation 397e6d09-f0d9-4a27-9899-249c3fb9dda5
Unable to load conversation b5a62ecd-93fb-416c-974c-8918c98182b5

I can’t access all my past conversations. I’ll create my own thread not here.

Thanks for all the replies