OpenAI APIs not working from our server IP

we are sending requests to OPENAI apis but it looks like they have blocked our server ip.
then we used a proxy and it works…

Any solution…?

I think that I am experiencing the same issue, are you getting 429 responses?

Super weird. Having a huge impact on our services.

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Yes its 429 responses…
Our services also stopped because of this bug in openAI APIs

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@mianahmad is it still an issue for you? It is for me. Tested everything, no idea how to proceed.

@cal1 No the issue is still there i have reported it to the support team and till now i have not received the email.

Yes even it even happened with me but now i am getting this error →

You can run openai migrate to automatically upgrade your codebase to use the 1.0.0 interface.

Alternatively, you can pin your installation to the old version, e.g. pip install openai==0.28

A detailed migration guide is available here: github /openai/openai-python/discussions/742

Hope this helps. I am trying to do follow the steps now.

It might also be related to the ongoing outage, OpenAI claims that “We are dealing with periodic outages due to an abnormal traffic pattern reflective of a DDoS attack. We are continuing work to mitigate this.”, so that might be the issue.