OpenAI AI text Classifier

I want to know if the OpenAI text classifer is no longer working. It’s been three days and I can not access it.


Same for me. Three day. I think that it is internal problem.


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Can you show a code snippet of your API call and any setup code it relies upon?

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I don’t understand code. Here’s the link: OpenAI Platform

I am an editor and used this tool to detect AI content.

I see, well the issue of AI detection is extremely complex and as several recent cases have shown, it is very difficult to reliably detect AI generated content.

If you were using the old AI text detect, then it has been depreciated and is not longer accessible, presumably for this very reason, quite honestly, non of them can reliably detect GPT-4 content currently.


I would go further and say that at this point no one has shown any detection method that is provably reliable.

No AI-writing detection system should be relied upon for anything of importance.

So, I would be reluctant to even link to one at this point as it might be seen as a tacit endorsement.


Thanks for your analysis. I have a small question, will it still detect if I change some words?
Like I rephrase some words in AI-generated text.

This is the problem, the answer is “maybe”. You can put in text from any professionally written source and you run the risk of it being detected. You can have AI text missed and you have have human text false flagged.

In terms of the OpenAI Terms of Service you may not pass off AI generated work as human made. However, that does not mention work that is derivative of, or inspired by… the legal definition of which is extremely loose.

If you put some effort into modifying the text generated by an AI then it is a unique work. I can’t give you 100% definitive advice, no one can, what I can say is that if you put work in, you have content that not the same as that which the AI produced.


It’s just a tool, it can not “make” stuff, so in the legal term the user should be attributed as the creator. I think.
In another word, “AI” is not a legal entity. It can not “create” stuffs on its own.

Actually, my question is simple. This has not been working for a few days. I am not going to discuss this tool but I just want to know if it is being removed forever or?

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Welcome to the forum, I have not found an official comment on it, for the purposes of future planning, assume that it has been permanently disabled.

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