Does the OpenAI Classifier have an API? AI Detection Tools

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to find a reliable API to check my generated content for AI/GPT artifacts. So far, I’m using the AI Classifier, but I can’t figure out if it has an API or not? New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text

Are there any other reliable AI content detection services that you know that offer an API? Thanks!

Good question, looking at the classifier API documentation is is now marked [depreciated]

You can use the OpenAI API to interact with the AI Text Classifier. In the engine and prompt lines:

prompt="Classify this text: 'I love playing football.'",

Use the models with text prefix in the name - I don’t know about all other models if they allow interaction with the Classifier or not, or if they are reliable enough or not. It works for some people. Please try it and advise us about your findings.