Open AI gives only non existent papers or wrong links to scientific papers

I wanted to try Open AI for my literature research on a specific topic. But when i tell it it should show me different papers for the topic or some reviews it shows me nhon existent papers, with error 404 links or dois that link to a completely different paper.

a small example:
i told him to carry out a scientific literature research on the topic of non-galvanic coupling mechanisms for high-frequency applications.

he gives me an answer where i think it is good looking here is an example from one paper:
1.“Non-Galvanic Coupling Mechanisms for High-Frequency Applications Close to the Body: A Review” by M. Ahmed and U. Ahmed, IEEE Access (2018):

when i google for the paper it is non existent. when i look into the IEEE collection i cant find it. When i tell it to give me the specific link to find the paper it get sent to an IEEE page where it shows me error 404. when i tell it to give mt the doi of the paper it shows an completely different paper at the doi it told me the choosen paper should be.

i repeated the question with a temperature of 0,7 and 0 and it had the same problem both times. maybe you guys have an idea to fix this?

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I also experienced the same results, I think it due to that GPT generate an answer-form to your question and doesnt search on the internet for resources, then it generates dummy resourses. Thies resources are generated only to match data-forms where where GPT trained on, that is why they seem to be real, but actaully they are not exist.

I would recommend reading up on how large language models work if you’re not familiar.

They’re known to “hallucinate” facts rather happily, making up people, sources, URLs, etc.

Hope this helps!

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ChatGPT will also hallucinate DOI (Document Object Identifier).

Since many research papers will have a DOI and there is an official repository for locating the DOI (search) knew this would be more effective than searching for the paper using words because if you don’t find the paper you still do not know if it really exist. With a DOI search if it is not found then you can be sure it is not real. However you still have to check that the DOI found is what you need, ChatGPT will hallucinate a DOI that at times is real but not correct.

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