With some DC motors a Rasp Pi Zero, Camera, I built a chatGPT physical robot

With very little python code it is possible to prompt this “robot” to perform a task, e.g., “Find the yellow tennis ball”, or “Find the hairbrush, and move towards it until you are very close”. Here are some examples:
The code is on github:


I would like to build a chatGPT controlled robot that could use hands to manipulate common household objects. I don’t have a 3D printer, so was wondering if there is a ready-made kit robotic hand that is on the market that anyone would recommend?

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Hey mate!

And welcome to the community! Cool robot:

(Robot is at the 2 minute mark)

Are you familiar with ROS? and how much money are you willing to spend on a robotic arm?, because they do get expensive really quickly :sweat_smile:

I’ve heard of ROS, but never actually used it. This is just for a fun, so I don’t fancy spending much money on it. I can imagine something like a high-fidelity robotic hand would be pricey. It it be controlled successfully and reliably by prompting that’s really the part I am curious about, because if it can, then it should be possible to automate picking tasks, e.g., fruit, or warehouse.

You can just look for “education hobby robot claw gripper” or such search terms. 1d grabber, like a roomba that moves tennis balls.

Then investigate how a particular one is controlled and if it has feedback. If it includes motor. Most servos will use PWM for position. You’ll probably want some clamping action via spring so you don’t get stripped gears.

“hand” implies lots of actuators and fingers.

To keep this on-topic…

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When will the first Text to Appendage model be released?

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