Issue: GPT Integration with Slack via Android App - Message Sending Fails

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing an issue with my GPT setup integrated with Slack using the endpoint. The integration works perfectly when tested and run from a desktop environment. However, when attempting to send messages via the Android app of ChatGPT, the messages do not reach the designated Slack channel.


  • Integration Setup: GPT is configured to send messages to a single Slack channel through The configuration includes an action where the GPT “{name redacted]” detects an urgency in the conversation, formats the message, and calls the dedicated action to send it to a specific Slack Channel.
  • Environment:
    • Desktop: Integration works flawlessly.
    • Mobile (Android): Messages are not sent.

Error Message

The tool for sending messages to Slack is currently unavailable. I recommend contacting the team directly through other communication channels to report the issue with the ChatGPT version on Android smartphones. If you need assistance in formulating the message, please let me know.

Any idea ?

may i bump this issue ? i know it’s very niche, but it might be some kind of bug in the GPT configuration on mobile…