Mobile app update broke OAuth for our GPT (1.2024.08)

Hey folks,

We are launching a GPT that requires OAuth, and we’re seeing some issues on mobile w/ the latest version on the App Store.

I posted a video w/ the behavior we are seeing.

  • After the handshake, the SFViewController is not dismissing and going into the chat UX
  • The SFViewController is refreshing and trying to use ChatGPT on the web

Video of behavior:

This flow works perfectly on the web and in the edit GPT console.

  • Gary

Hi Gary,

Would you mind sharing which iOS version you’re using?

We’re investigating!


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I’m on a 14 Pro running iOS 17.4.1.

Apologies I meant the ChatGPT app version. You can find this in the Settings tab in the app.

All that being said, we’re still looking into it.

No worries, I’m on 1.2024.080 (24781). I believe it’s the latest update.

Appreciate it!

We’ve confirmed a few more details:

When going through the OAuth flow on iOS, the Safari VC within your app seems to fail to intercept your redirect URI and instead loads it directly within the Safari VC. We have confirmed that in this flow, our /users/token OAuth endpoint does NOT get called.

It DOES get called during the same flow on desktop using the browser version of ChatGPT.

Got it - thanks! I think we’ve isolated the issue and should have an update out this week. Appreciate your patience here.

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Thanks for the update. Looking forward to testing the fix.

– Gary

Hey @6ary - think we got the root of it. Would you mind trying again?

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Works perfect! Thank you & your team for the help.

. Why am I seeing this code?(“88ea71dbed37777b-TUN”).