The Paradox of Innovation: OpenAI's Impact on Startups

Firstly, I’d like to extend my congratulations on the latest releases from OpenAI.

I’m an avid supporter of OpenAI, but I’m grappling with a contradiction.

While OpenAI organizes developer conferences, it seems to simultaneously eclipse startups by incorporating similar functionalities into its own platform, essentially creating a closed ecosystem that flourishes within its own boundaries.

My concern lies with the entrepreneurs who invest in their ventures, only to find their innovations less unique and appealing than they were just a month prior.

I see the value in developing new, more powerful models and streamlining the use of APIs for developers. However, there could be a balance that allows smaller enterprises to thrive and gain popularity. I understand this might mean OpenAI earning less in the short term, but in return, it would foster a diverse ecosystem where apps and platforms developed by smaller teams are built on and contribute to the broader platform.

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You’re not alone; many in the tech share the same sentiment. It presents both a challenge and an opportunity. However, it’s likely that established businesses will greatly benefit from these services, while smaller ones may struggle.

By uniting our efforts, we harness the best of our abilities to achieve remarkable outcomes.

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The insanity of the bleeding edge

Midjourney being an absolute poster child for the beautiful chaos… perfect product timing… founded July 2022… 11 employees… straight up to ~$250m revenue

What a crazy and awesome ride those guys must’ve been having for the last year.

But now look at the competition. Will they survive?

Jasper too… $1.5B valuation… but now look at the context window… will it survive?

Legitimate answers include… yeah of course?.. possibly?.. maybe?.. no way and I dunno

Its all completely in the lap of the gods

These times are wild with heady mix of overhyped growth and underhyped growth, and all flavours of twists and turns. It feels very much like the DotCom boom in that regard.

Pre Google. Pre Amazon.

But unlike the dotcom boom… this time round we have an established digital economy with thousands of major digital players who already have their flags in significant technical niches.

Time to just hold on to that hat, try and cling to a niche and let the wind take you wherever the hell this thing is going.

Yes, doing our deeds to further proceed. That’s all we can indeed. :upside_down_face: