No price difference between text-davinci-003 and gpt-3.5-turbo

I see no price difference between the two models! I went from davinci to turbo, I should have seen a significant drop in costs but this is not the case. Is Turbo really cheaper or is there a special setting to be made?
If gpt3-5 turbo is 10x cheaper it should still show on the stats!

Hi @bertrand.hoareau

In my account, FWIW, the OpenAI stats and usage changes are “spot on”.

So, at least for me (and I think many others here), there is no issue with the pricing models.



Thanks for your feedback, I’ll check my code and the stats, maybe I missed something, but it’s really weird…

It’s working correctly for me too. $0.06 for a few hours of chatting.

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