No image generation DALL-E

“I am experiencing an issue with the image generation in DALL-E. I request it to generate, but the image does not appear on the screen. It shows the ‘generating’ command, but at the end, it says it is ready, yet no image is displayed.”

Are you talking about within ChatGPT, OpenAI’s web chatbot? Are you a paying ChatGPT Plus subscriber, which is required in order to use DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT?

Within “customize ChatGPT”, you can now choose which tools are available, an option easily forgotten.


The symptom of that is an AI that can send but nothing happens, or an AI that just talks about making images instead of actually doing it.

ChatGPT Plus is currently working…

Yes, and I’m a subscriber.

Customization has always been active

Now, look a recent simple example

That’s the problem

You do not need to use the DALL-E GPT to make an image. You can just ask normal ChatGPT.