No auth plugin stopped working after I transitioned it to an auth one

Users who installed Keymate.AI Search plugin can’t use their installed plugin currently. Although the backend is same and working for all users IPs. Current users are reporting errors.

Although plugin backend is same i.e.

ai-plugin.json has changed but I assume users with frozen ai-plugin.json should still be able to use the plugin. Or if users have an installed one already OpenAI should redirect them to auth even though it’s unverified.

Some people figured out this website that use our plugin unauthorised way. It still works on there. They use the frozen ai-plugin.json Chat with ChatGPT plugin KeyMate.AI Search . For example it’s still working there.

My suggestion is wouldn’t it be possible to froze people’s plugin installation on the install time ai-plugin.json. Therefore plugin developers do a gracefully change to their ai-plugin.json. Because it seems like users’ installation is updated with a new ai-plugin.json which is unverified. If users could keep their frozen ai-plugin.json for installed verified plugin. We can keep the existing one working and do changes to a new one and wait for an approval by OpenAI. When it gets approved frozen ai-plugin.json can be replaced by the verified one.

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I’m curious to have an answer to this question as well!