No access to Chat GPT

Can someone help.

Is this normal for ChatGPT to constantly say it is unavailable/offline etc?

I have been trying to access this for several days now.

Is there another way do access Chatgpt?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Well there may be 2 types of this blockage. The first one is due to country restriction and second is in which ChatGPT is available in your country but you can’t access it at the moment. I found a guy on YouTube with both of the solutions. It was unavailable in my country thats why it was down and I got out of the problem now. It will help to you all.

First type of blockage: ChatGPT: Access Denied - You Do Not Have Access To | How To Fix ChatGPT Login Error - YouTube

Temporary blockage: ChatGPT is At Capacity Right Now - HOW TO BYPASS / FIX IT - YouTube

Hope it works for you too.