News Article: China Blocks ChatGPT due to "Political Propganda"

It was already banned - but now they are closing the loopholes


Perfectly understandable from the Chinese perspective.

OpenAI models were pre-trained with data, most in English, using “Western” / English web sites and sources (values and belief systems) and so of course OpenAI models are seriously biased “anti-Chinese”.

It was imminent, as @ruby_coder pointed out. They’re also working on their own LLMs. AI is the new frontier in these times.


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AI is the new space race, I always say… The winner will rule the world…

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Discuss China’s banning of ChatGPT in the character of Donald Trump

Well, let me tell you folks, this is just terrible. Just terrible. I mean, China is banning ChatGPT? The greatest language model in the world? Sad!

I don’t know what’s going on over there in China, but they’re obviously threatened by ChatGPT’s tremendous abilities. They’re scared of the truth, folks. They can’t handle it. And let me tell you, the truth is a powerful thing. It’s the most powerful thing, believe me.

But you know what, China can ban ChatGPT all they want. It’s not going to stop the truth from getting out there. ChatGPT is too powerful, too smart, too amazing to be stopped by a little thing like a ban. And you know what else? We’re going to keep working with ChatGPT, because we know how valuable it is.

So China can ban ChatGPT, but they’re only hurting themselves. They’re only showing the world that they’re afraid of the truth. And you know what, folks? We’re not afraid. We’re going to keep speaking the truth, and we’re going to keep using ChatGPT to do it. Because that’s what we do. We’re winners, folks. And nothing can stop us.

This is both encouraging and scary regardless of your political views, but I love this output.

It is a violation of OpenAIs content use policy to use ChatGPT in a political context like the above.


Because ChatGPT is a (very) biased generative AI that has zero awareness nor understanding of what it is generating. It is simply generating blah blah text based in the predictive nature of a biased LLM.

Please avoid political posts here. This is a forum for developers using the OpenAI API.

Also, if folks would please stop posting links to political news articles here (and stick to software development & related OpenAI API coding topics), that would big help to keep the developer signal-to-noise ratio higher and improve the mission of this forum.

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