New User (free quota) for APIs

Hi, I created a new account yesterday to access ChatGPT APIs (free). But on the very first attempt of creating a completion, I get the message that ‘You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.’. The thing is I havent used any.

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Is the API free, or is the chatbot the only free aspect? Have you found any news indicating that it is free?"

The API is not free. It is charged by the amount of language data transferred. OpenAI Pricing.

The API error in the first post “check your plan and billing details” indicated the original poster did not have a payment plan with credits to pay for API usage.

Brand new account creations can have a $5 API trial credit granted, but many had been using their account only for ChatGPT (the web chatbot) with no idea about API or the trial credit that expired after three months.

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Fingers crossed the original poster has a top-notch sarcasm detector! If not, we might need to issue them a GPT humor plugin. And who knows, maybe they’ll pick up a nifty skill along the way—learning to read posts before posting. Here’s to hoping for a good laugh and a newfound appreciation for pre-post scrutiny! :smile::sparkles: