New TTS voices - API exclusive?

I tried to do some research on here, the DevDay notes, and other forum sites, but find any real info. So I’ve never used the API before (always just the app and website) but I do really like the option for Voice where you talk and hold a conversation aloud. It’s a fun thing to just drive with and ask for silly short stories or something like that.

The voices currently in the ChatGPT app (Sky, Ember, Breeze, Cove, and Juniper) are good, but the ones listed on the TTS page like Alloy and Nova, are phenomenal. I know that you can use the API to generate audio to use commercially, but is there any mention of those voices being added to the app at some point?

I’ll admit I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to the API, and wouldn’t even know how to go about throwing a few bucks in to have it narrate a story, but I could always figure that out if needed.

Might anyone know? Just curious! Thank you in advance!

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something for you to enjoy.

I think they’ll be separate. Kind of a soundprint of where they came from.

That’s such a nice voice. Thanks for that! It would make sense if it was separate use for just the API but boy do I hope some day the voices in the app will be a quality like that.

I also really like the sound of Cove. It would be even better if Openai API could also choose this role.