New memory beta testing for chatgpt

I would like to know if there is a waiting list for the Memory beta testing, if not is it possible to have me as a candidate :wink: I trully see benefits for my persoanal use case and would test the SHMIT out of it. If not a waiting list, and if not automatically enrolled in it based off my respectful request to be part of or automatically added by you as a tester, if not any of the above, might we start a waiting list to have beta testing on for said memory function that is being tested on and spoken about recently? Thank you, your team is doing an amazing job and I truly appreciate all the work and efforts we all do as a collective.

It will be on a “rollout” basis, not by request. With certainly lots of extended threads here, “why don’t I have it yet…”

you happen to know if the roll out has been started as of yet? any word from anyone here or on youtube or from one of our fine Peeps that work for openAi?