New democracy based on ChatGPT through supported swarm intelligence (Deliberative Polling...)

Dear OpenAI team,

I would like to express my admiration for the ChatGPT model and the great potential I see in this technology. I have an innovative proposal that I would like to share with the team, which I believe can bring much more value to this technology.

I see a huge potential based on ChatGPT to support processes like “Deliberative Polling”. On the one hand, digital and global deliberative polling should be pursued in the future, and this technology can contribute greatly to this goal if it would learn to understand speech patterns of individuals precise and relate them to the AI’s general and stable understanding of language, thus acting as an individual translator to reduce misunderstandings. On the other hand, AI can also automatically clarify the context of user utterances by asking follow-up questions to identify whether the utterances are new and relevant or not, and then filtering them. This could take democracy to a new level. Also in companies, it could be used to harness human swarm intelligence, leading to far better results.

I truly believe this could be used to improve the world, would love to see it happen and be a part of it.


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