New chat spin off from a response

I often use chatgpt to brainstorm ideas and the conversation will touch on a number of different topics. Can you implement a way to create a new chat from one question and response? That question and response would be the first of the new chat.

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If you edit a prior message, you launch a bifurcation. Try it!

Thank you for the reply. I’m aware of that, but if I have multiple messages that I’m interested in, I’m going to have multiple bifurcation, making it harder to find topics, especially if those topics go in-depth. Creating a new chat would help organize things better.

If you want to have a chat with any questions and answers, using an API might be a good idea.
You can freely include user messages and system messages in the API payload.

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I think that’s technically what custom gpts are supposed to accomplish, although they have a limited context :thinking:

This is a rather frequent request and it appears there may be a solution coming up with the desktop apps sooner or later. Saying this because if you want to build something like this yourself you can expect to be at least partially replaced by a OpenAI solution.

As a suggestion: when using the ‘edit’ function add a tag to the message like A$1, for example.
Later when trying to find the message where the conversation was split you can do a CTRL-F to find the messages you are looking for.

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