New Captchas Significantly Impair User Accessibility

A good CAPTCHA should correctly identify humans (true-positives) and block bots (false-negatives). At the same time, it should avoid misidentifying humans as bots (false-positives) or letting bots through (true-negatives). I hope you realize, a good captcha has to fulfill ALL of these requirements?

Your new CAPTCHAs are difficult to solve, requiring significant mental effort from users. They also consume a lot of time due to their complex interactions. The system doesn’t provide immediate feedback; you only find out you’ve made a mistake after completing a series of tasks. Additionally, if you do make an error, the system gives you even more puzzles to solve, creating a frustrating experience. These CAPTCHAs are also unsolvable for many people with vision impairments.

I can’t stress this enough: This is a problem. Please, fix!

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I thought I’d give you a preview of what’s coming next if the current course lets us predict.

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