Needing Help creating Custom GPT

Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to GPT’s and all that goes with it, But I am trying to build a project management assistant template.

So essentially I am wanting to build an assistant that I can upload standard specs and regulations for our work. Then copy that when I receive a new project and add project specific documents to its knowledge base, Contracts, Specs, Scope of Work, etc.

I am wanting the GPT to be able to answer questions about specs, details in the contract, qty totals, and scheduling questions. As well as creating RFI’s and drafting email responses to contractors.

I am not 100% on the best way to do this.

Also, I can’t figure out if there is a way to give it the capabilities to mark up construction plan PDF’s using an API to connect the custom chat to Blue beam.

Any and all help are very appreciated.

Best Regards,