Guidance on how to start a project for creating scripts

So, I want to dedicate some of my free time to learning this, but I’m unsure if it will work or if it’s a good idea, since my experience with APIs or web-dev is zero, but I want to learn !

I aim to create a chatbot that aids in creating scripts from software I use. The software has a RAD plugin that lets you quickly create python scripts for automation. It comes with a library.

I have all the software API documentation in .chm format and all the necessary library files.

What I want:

Develop a custom GPT (not an assistant).
Currently, it works quite well, but it hallucinates classes and methods.

Let’s say we add an instruction saying if the user types /searchapidocs:

The chat analyzes the script request and asks for the correct methods/classes from the API endpoint.
It checks against the embedded library (knowledge base or another call to a vector database?).
Then, the chat retrieves all the required methods/classes from the API documentation, cross check with the library, and provides the best answer.

Is this possible with Custom GPTs?

If so where do I start ? If someone can give me some sort of brief bullet point list on how to achieve this, I can do deeper research myself.

I am not sure I understand your request here.
Are you wanting to have the user enter a request and then have the GPT generate an automation script based on and using the software, libraries and API documents you have included with the Custom GPT?

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Yes exactly, problem here is the API docs is 14gb, so I probably need to set up some sort of server and talk to it through API ? and retrieve the correct methods and classes from it ? Before I dive into this I need to make sure I’s possible with a Custom GPT action or if it works as I imagine. All the documentation is available for download not sure what’s the best way to interrogate it if its so large.


make me a scrip that gets all walls, floors, columns in the document …


In order to make a script that … we need too …


Those methodes do not exist can we do a /seachapidocs


searching api docs …
[ BuiltInCategory Enumeration]
[ FilteredElementCollector Class]
… search finished …

… Here is how we make a script that gets all …