Playground improvements

Would love to see the following improvements for playground as I use it all the time:

  • Better support for mobile (or even an app)
  • Minimum width of the input area in edit mode. If the output has really wide sentences, the input window is sometimes “squashed” to something really narrow.
  • Often when switching between edit mode and Complete mode the engine is not set accordingly, and I get a red warning that I am using the wrong endpoint.

The playground is so useful in itself already, and I suspect the more this advances, the less we will need to pre prompt or pre-train for specific tasks. This will just be a multi functional single interface to the AI. The most we will have to do is do some one shot examples to hint at an output format wished for.


Thnaks for the feedback! We’ll add these to our list.

The last one in particular sounds like a bug. We’ll look into it.