Need to have the ability to add an audience for oauth in Plugins

There’s no way to add an audience parameter to the client_url right now. If we want to authenticate our endpoints, many auth providers like auth0 require an audience parameter to be passed. Please add capability for this!

By directing ChatGPT to your custom endpoints for OAuth, you’ll have full control over the process. Essentially, your server acts as an OAuth proxy. This is the method we’ve successfully implemented in The Ansible.

Chase W. Norton


Thanks! Did this for now. Hoping for a quickfix for the audience parameter soon

I passed this feedback to the team, agreed it would be useful to have for OAuth applications.

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@tbhakta I also ran into this issue while building an OAuth-enabled plugin and using Auth0 as my IdP. One Auth0-specific workaround: In the management console, go to Settings (Tenant Settings) → API Authorization Settings → Default Audience. Not great for anyone running more complex auth setups with multiple resource servers, but we’re all here to have fun at the bleeding edge :grin: