Need immediate help for fire victims in Chile

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In Chile, we’re going through a massive fire in the community of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, and we have created a Gpt to help the victims, but I do not know how to make it public and free to use we believe help tremendously to the victims

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First click save, then select “everyone” then confirm.


Yes, but I believe it could be available only for premium users that’s available for everyone to use

Custom GPTs can only be accessed by premium users (ChatGPT Plus).

I’m sorry but I don’t have better news for you.

It’s possible to build an assistant. But then the costs of running the app would have to be paid by the developer/organization offering the service.


I can raise money for it, but I need to know how can I do it and to do it fast because there’s people in need

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Can you share a link to your GPT?

It would help to understand what you are trying to achieve.

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I really appreciate your time to help us. There’s a lot of people right now do you need of help and there’s gonna be even more days to come and I think this could be also something that could be used for other fires around the world

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It is Publicly Available now :+1:


Could you please help me to understand if it is public for anybody to use and how to connect to it so I can give the information to the authorities and the media

Yes, anyone with a ChatGPT Plus account can make use of the GPT.

Also, I am not an expert, but I’ve been learning with GPT for over a year. I would appreciate tremendously if any of you could help me to optimize this GPT to make sure that it is a tool that will help the people that’s been in this terrible fire right now

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Add instructions to answer in Spanish and make sure the conversation starters are also in Spanish.

Also consider adding knowledge files with the information about shelters. When I tried it the reply was in English and it didn’t find any shelters.

That’s the problem. This is a fire in a very poor area and I’m pretty sure that not many people have access to the plus GPT so I want to find a way to make it so they can use it without any cost and threw a phone.

Unfortunately, the technical requirements for doing that would not be something that could be done in a short space of time, and while I appreciate the importance of this to you and those in need, it would become impractical to offer such a service for every worthwhile cause.

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Can you please explain to me what you mean by this?

There is not enough compute on earth currently to allow everyone to access GPTs for free.


The only challenge I see is that you are using ChatGPT to browse the internet for the most up to date information.

If you can manage to update the information regularly you will likely reach your goal faster by creating a free blog, for example WordPress, and copy-paste the replies from your GPT into the blog posts.

It will also be free and quite fast to execute.


Is there a way is there a way to pay for people to use it in this particular 0cation?

Frankly, an AI chatbot is not the way to go about any of this.

If you do manage to share a link to a custom GPT and popularize it, you’re just going to be sharing ads “sign up for ChatGPT plus $20/mo” to see this GPT.

Nobody will find it by it being in a “store”.

You instead should consider developing on the API, where you can produce public-facing AI products you can put on a web site.

…And if someone is already going to a website, all the information can just be there without asking an AI about it.