Need immediate help for fire victims in Chile

I commend you for attempting to selflessly help people facing tragedy.

While @_j makes an excellent point (that an LLM may not be the best approach) … I would be happy to help.

For example, if you have a list of FAQ’s for the victims, I could purchase a domain, setup your FAQ at that domain, and I could add access to OpenAI or another LLM via the API (and I can pay for the costs provided it truly is used solely for charitable purposes).

If you have the time to assemble a FAQ and do the work, I’m happy to contribute my time/money to help you help others.

You can write me here /or/ by private message.

I wish you the best.

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Not sure if suggested but I think the privacy policy URL needs to be added. You Must authorize in settings to display your name on billing. Hope it helps

Hey @ganachile - I have a tool that can help (have DM’d you)

Set the credits to say 500 (gives users 500 free chats). Create a few GPT’s (using the same information that you used). You can even create an extra one for Spanish, another one with local safe locations (and keep them updated).

Then add it as a Page with all your GPT’s (your own private GPT store) and then share the link everywhere.

Now you have a set of your own public GPT’s on your URL. Keep adding. Once you sign up, I will reach out and discuss more ways to support you. I will sponsor a domain of your choice and will pay for ongoing costs.