My Chatgpt org Tier 5 Account may be hacked by someone

before 2 hours ago, My api not working Someone login and deleted api then deleted my org and history of payment

now my account is fresh, how to back my old org

my present account is looking as fresh

how to contact with chatgpt support team

To attempt to restore your org you need to contact support by going to and clicking the widget in the bottom left corner to open up a conversation. It can take a few weeks to get a response.

i need immediate support. where can i get immediate support from chat gpt support team. as i need immediately solve the issue

There is no immediate support you have to wait like everyone else.

Got it. Is there any email where can i get support?

I tried to use their contact support chatbot but it’s reply as robotic answer not worked with me

If you go far enough through the chatbot you will be able to contact a real person.