My Chat Gpt is working very slow after a update of 4.o Update How To deal with it?

Hey I am using chat gpt from for very long ago, i suddenly started to discover some problems of lazy loading or not providing article far , it takes now half an hour for me to make 1 article from it and sometime it goes to 1 hour, please help me regarding it.


do you try to use it always at the same time? after big announcements traffic to the site gets bad and response time is very slow. try other times of the day maybe that will fix it!

this is nothing more than they are destroying there permanent users only

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try gpt4-turbo, since turbo is distilled from gpt4 which is faster and cheaper.

Same issue. They said clear cache and cookies but it’s not the thing. It will not help. Tried also other browser. Not working. First response only good. Others, forget about it. It’s problem with gpt4, got-4s. With got-4o everything is good but got-4o’s response worst than 3.5.

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