My account has access to GPT-4 and can be found on playground but cannot be called

I keep prompting playgrond :This is not a chat model and thus not supported in the v1/chat/completions endpoint. Did you mean to use v1/completions?
Then I tried calling the gpt3.5-turbo interface and the answer was the same as above
Then I tried other modes like text-davinici-003 in complete and his answers started to gibberish
How can this situation be resolved

Are you on the “Chat” mode in playground? It seems like it is trying to call the model for the completions part of the playground.

Yes, I’m sure I’m using the CHAT mode and this issue is still unresolved

This error means you’re using either the wrong model or wrong URL/endpoint.
GPT models must use the chat endpoint

Can you share a screenshot?