Multiple security scheme support in GPT actions

When can we use multiple security schemes when adding an action to a custom GPT? Datadog requires two for example, ex:

      type: apiKey
      in: header
      name: DD-API-KEY
      type: apiKey
      in: header
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This is a very good question, unfortunately the answer is almost certainly “no time soon.”

In the meantime, you might want to look at setting up an API gateway, either locally or in the cloud, to handle your API calls.

or you can just roll your own with a simple flask application running on your own server.

With any of those you’d create an API key for your GPT action, then just handle whatever necessary authentication with your target service on the backend.

This is what I’ve been recommending to people who need to access APIs which require an API key in the query string.

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I also have same situation.

My solution is to separate APIs into different actions with different auth flow.