Prompts for content generator like

Has anyone able to create prompts for content generation similar to

Do they use trained models?

@hybmg57 Prompted models with heavy usage don’t scale in production. They’re definitely using finetuned models (from OpenAI or other).

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What prompt would we need to use to get similar results? They use gpt3

Hi @hybmg57,

I cannot speculate what prompt the team at JarvisAI is using or if they are using Open AI.

What I can tell you is how to prime Open AI davinci engine to spew strings you want it to.

Simply open empty playground and give it minimum 3 examples of what you are trying to achieve.

e.g Let’s say you have to generate product copy for a given description.

Product_Description: x
Marketing_Copy: {example copy for x}
Product_Description: y
Marketing_Copy: {example copy for y}
Product_Description: z
Marketing_Copy: {example copy for z)

and then next time just add:

Product_Description: {Your product description}

Let the OpenAI davinci generate the rest.

Hope it works for your use case.

1 Like is not the best example to follow because their solutions are based only on buying small ingenious companies (with all the negative consequences). A long black shadow falls on the whole NLP industry. Ethics in AI is a fascinating topic.

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@hybmg57 you don’t use prompts, you finetune on examples. Prompts can be used to generate examples (ie using instruct models).

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